Dan Dean shares this story about one of our favorite songs I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU.

My fourteen-year-old son and I went to a teen camp some years back. I didn’t realize it, but he brought along a pair of my shoes – two sizes too big for him.

On Saturday evening of the camp, families joined the teens for activities, then they split us up into small groups. A facilitator asked my son why he brought my shoes with him that weekend.

His answer led me to tears. He talked about how much he wanted to be like me. Although I had co-written this song a few years earlier, the truth of the lyrics hit home in a new way.

As parents, we have such a unique opportunity to model the Fatherhood of God to the children He has entrusted to us.

Children have an innate desire to be like their parents. Built into that is the desire to emulate the greatest passions of their parents’ lives. If a parent loves sports, often the child will too. If the parent loves money, often so will the child.

It makes sense that if the parent loves Jesus – more than anything else – there’s a good chance the child will too someday.

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